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Chimayo To Go

Chimayo Red Chile Powder

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Indulge in the essence of New Mexico cuisine with Chimayo Traditions Red Chile Powder. Hand-selected and sun-dried for the highest quality, this earthy spice is more than just a seasoning—it’s a passage to an authentic cooking experience. Make each meal a journey to remember with our 100% authentic New Mexican red chile powder.

• Authentically New Mexican, genuinely unforgettable
• Committed to non-GMO excellence

Size: Convenient 6oz bag​

How To Use

To use our Chimayo Red Chile Powder, simply add a spoonful or two to your favorite recipes for a delicious burst of flavor and warmth.

This versatile spice works well in traditional New Mexican dishes like enchiladas, posole, and carne adovada, as well as modern fusion cuisine.

You can also mix it into sauces, rubs, and marinades for an extra layer of depth and complexity.

Start with a small amount and adjust according to your taste preferences, and enjoy the rich taste of Chimayo Red Chile Powder in your culinary creations.


Our Chimayo Tradition Spices & Seasonings contain no added flavors or extra ingredients!

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Customer Reviews

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Debra Bocarski
Best New Mexico Red Chili

It’s my favorite

Jason M Schmeltzer
Great chili!

Easy service.