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Habañero Peach Preserves

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Get ready to experience a mouth-watering combination of sweet and spicy flavors with Cibolo Junction Habanero Peach Preserves. Made with ripe, juicy peaches and fresh habanero peppers, these preserves are the perfect addition to any meal or snack.

Spread them on your toast, muffin, or biscuit for a delightful breakfast or snack, or use them as a glaze for your favorite grilled meats or vegetables. The possibilities are endless with this delicious and versatile preserve.

Crafted with the finest high-quality ingredients, Cibolo Junction Habanero Peach Preserves are free from artificial flavors and colors for a true and sweet taste of the Southwest. 


Sugar, water, peaches, jalapeno peppers, pectin, habanero peppers, citric acid.

Nutritional info

Contains Vitamin C.

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Customer Reviews

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Steve G.
Great tasting

My daughter brought me a jar of this from Santa Fe because the brand I’d been eating closed down and I couldn’t find one with the nice spicy taste here in Texas. I just loved this one so much so that I just received my order of three more jars. Not too spicy that it burns into the throat and into the stomach but enough to satisfy that hunger for something spicy. I eat it on toast and in cream cheese as a dip. That you so much for the perfect preserves